About Us


… a web design and development team that quickly grasps your vision and designs and develops your marketing funnel that converts..

… websites, funnels and membership experiences that are both visually stunning and rooted in proven, industry-leading marketing strategies.

… a “one-stop“ solution to your technology and design needs that actually delivers on the promise of ease of communication, reliability and integrated support.

At Vision Tech Team, we share your passion for making a positive impact in the world through business.

We see our work together as a dynamic partnership that results in a win-win-win outcome for you, us and your end customers.

Our company was born out of the passion and expertise of our founder, James Guldan, who saw the need for an organization that combines the best of innovative technology and creative design with a strong foundation in marketing strategy.

Functional Technology

You want the latest, most functional technology behind your business. That means automation. That means mobile responsiveness. That means seamless funnel integration. That means a lot of things for a lot of different companies… but most importantly, it means having a tech team who gets technology and gets your business. That‘s where we come in.

Marketing Expertise

We study direct response and implement our marketing expertise into everything we build for you. We strive for conversions – that means the right typography, the right colors, fast loading pages, exit pops, and the latest technology and design trends to help your company stay on top of your internet marketing efforts. We get funnels, traffic, and conversions.

Graphic Design

You want your sites and funnels to look great. Clean. Professional. Modern. Who doesn’t? But beyond that… you want them to convert well, to connect with your audience, and to be congruent with your message. We bring direct marketing expertise into all of our creative design work, so you can have a site that not only looks great, but also makes you money.

Vision Tech Team

Vision Tech Team has developed quickly into a leading design and development company with a tight-knit team of A-players from around the world.

Our clients are Visionary Companies and Entrepreneurs spanning industries that include: personal development, business training, nutrition, health & fitness, financial empowerment, entrepreneurship, exponential technology, and many more.

We specialize in working with 7-8 figure businesses who are growing rapidly, and looking to hire out all their ongoing tech & design needs to a company who shares their commitment to excellence.

Core Values

Vision Tech Team is dedicated to the following Core Values:

Curious to learn more about our values and vision? download our 3-year Vivid Vision PDF.


Vision First - Begin with the end in mind. We are being proactive about everything we do, from education to prioritizing our days, weeks, months, years etc. We are anticipating needs way before they become an emergency.

Intentional, Authentic Communication - We plan our communication with others so that we can be very intentional about the content being delivered. We embrace crucial conversations rather than avoid them. We speak authentically, which means that we don’t avoid the truth, we embrace it.

Synergy - We work as a team not only with our team members but with our clients as well. We need to make sure everybody on this team is a value-add to others. We also need to make sure that we are holding each other up to our standards, no matter how hard it is.

Inventive - Every member of the team is part of the “Creative” department. Coming up with creative solutions is our job. We don’t just think of linear options for problems, but we think outside the box to solve problems creatively. We are not lazy, we put time and attention into each problem.

Own It - Every team member feels that ALL ISSUES in the company are THEIR issues. If you see something, say something. We need to own our crucial conversations and every team member needs to have the courage to manage up. Our team members don’t see themselves as victims. They can only solve problems that they are personally accountable for.

Never Stop Growing - Every person on the team has a personal goal of not only getting better at their job but getting better at life. The team members understand that only doing on-the-job training doesn’t cut it here. They are constantly improving their habits and environment to exponentially improve their lives.

Selfless Service - Everyone on the team understands that they can’t help others unless they help themselves first. They need to take care of their health, their mental wellness, and their spiritual wellness in order to fully show up to work. They prioritize themselves before work and prove it by being able to show up fully each day. They proactively take wellness days to recharge.