Note from James Guldan

Owner of Vision Tech Team

One of the massive privileges of working with some of the biggest information marketing companies and Ecommerce brands in the world is getting to see the backend of everything that is working.

I decided to document some of the takeaways and share them in a segment I will be entitling Funnel Optimization Case Studies.

I will be going through pretty much any client that will let us share some of the takeaways from working with them.

We have some clients that I would never want to compete with. When it comes to getting conversions, Jason Hornung is one of them.

He is one of the best in the world at direct response and specifically cold traffic conversions.

Jason started his AOA Profit Society a few years ago after deciding he no longer wanted to run his own ad agency.

He’s had incredible success doing what he loves most–teaching people HOW to be successful rather than just doing it for them.

Jason and I are both from the midwest – specifically Wisconsin, so he holds a special place in my heart.

Creating our internal speed optimization SOPs stemmed directly from working with Jason. He wanted to test conversion rates in relation to speed–we’re talking REAL speed, like under a second load time!

Case Study

Who are they:

An online fitness training company for people of any fitness level that has over 3+ million success stories.

Why they came to us:


They wanted to gather all of their products/brands together with a Body FX membership.


We have been innovating their main site to sell their membership. We have helped optimize landing pages, helped to optimize order forms, and page speed increases.

Tech Specs: (What technology was used for this project)

Server: Digital Ocean, and Wpengine – They utilize WordPress and this is the best for WordPress (Shameless affiliate link:

Pages built on: Custom HTML/CSS/, Wordpess, Unbounce – There are alot of use cases for the business, so all of these are needed.

CRM: Active Campaign

Marketing Automation: Active Campaign 

Payment Processor: Stripe and Paypal