Case Study

Who they are:

Fit Father Project has helped over 500,000+ busy guys over 40 get in the best shape of their life.

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“I am absolutely freaking in love with my new website. This guys are the best in the world.”

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Why they came to us:

Major Problems:

  1. Technical debt – They had a significant amount of technical debt from growth. They were using old plugins for page builders, they were not very optimized for growth.
  2. SEO – They needed to increase the speed of their site and significantly increase the ability to manage their content better.
  3. Messaging – they needed to say more with less. Really get clear on who they were talking to and how to get them in the right place more quickly.
  4. Offers – They needed to improve the scarcity on their offers and really needed to increase the load time of their offer pages and sales pages.


  • Rebuild the site from the ground up with speed and use in mind. This helped dramatically with SEO and really positioned them for success.
  • Improved messaging to say more with less. This was also a User Experience overhaul as well. In order for these busy dads to get to the content they wanted quickly without getting lost in youtube.

Tech Specs: (What technology was used for this project)

Server: WpEngine – They utilize WordPress and this is the best for WordPress (Shameless affiliate link:

Pages built on:Custom HTML/CSS, Wordpess, Shopify– There are alot of use cases for the business, so all of these are needed.

CRM:Infusionsoft– this was used as it had the best delivery that had been tested for Fit Father Project.

Marketing Automation: Infusionsoft

Payment Processor: Authorize/Paypal – this was used as they get a significant amount of Paypal orders.