Note from James Guldan

Owner of Vision Tech Team

One of the massive privileges of working with some of the biggest information marketing companies and Ecommerce brands in the world is getting to see the backend of everything that is working.

I decided to document some of the takeaways and share them in a segment I will be entitling Funnel Optimization Case Studies.

I will be going through pretty much any client that will let us share some of the takeaways from working with them.

The Doers Way has such a massive reach. They are an incredible company built to help women a leg up on business building.

Case Study


They are the Fastest Growing Movement Of Female Entrepreneurs Globally. They are in 72+ countries and interact with over 60,0000+ women on a
daily basis.

Why they came to us:


  1. For the amount of ad spend they had, they had never optimized their pages for speed.
  2. There was no tracking built-in for speed.
  3. The membership site needed optimization for speed.
  4. They had focused the brand on the owner Grace Lever rather than the brand itself. This makes it challenging to scale as customers assume all the results come from her not from the years of research with standards, coaching, and intellectual property owned by The Doers Way


  • An overhaul on the membership site to reduce load time from 8 – 20 seconds per page, to less than 3 seconds per page. This was done by deleting plugins, optimizing framework, optimizing the database, and overall improving the content for load.
  • We added standardization to their tech stack and chose a new server that is US based as a majority of their customers are from the US. We also optimized the server for their specific needs.
  • We added tracking and redundancy to their online assets. Adding every site that matters to google tag manager, google analytics, and google search console. Also adding tracking scripts for the site that would let them and us know proactively if something went wrong with one of their sites.
  • We are rebranding their messaging and design to focus more on company The Doers Way and the massive results they have and less on the personal brand of Grace Lever.


Server: WP Engine – The Doers Way uses WordPress and this is the best for WordPress (Shameless affiliate link:
Pages built on: Custom HTML/CSS/, Wordpess – There are alot of use cases for the business, so all of these are needed.

CRM: Infusionsoft – This was used as it had the best delivery that had been tested for The Doers Way.

Marketing Automation: Infusionsoft

Payment Processor: and Paypal