What Makes an Ideal Client

Successful Product

Our ideal client has a core product that is very successful, allowing us to proactively work on LTV rather than just AOV.

Needs Team Members

Our ideal client does not have enough people on their team to constantly implement new ideas. We provide gasoline to the fire with our agency.

Solid Core Team

Our ideal client has an existing technology/operations person or team that manages the “day to day” work, so that we can focus on proactively improving LTV.

Decision Maker Present

Our ideal client has a decision maker on all calls to maximize efficiency and minimize time to implement.

Leadership Position

Our ideal client puts Vision Tech Team in a leadership position, communicating company goals and vision, so that we can leverage our experience that we learn from all of our clients.

Internal Communication

Our ideal client has solid internal communication and culture in order to enjoy working together and to have efficient workflows.

Cash Flow

Our ideal client maintains a steady cash flow and see us as an investment to grow their business, not an expense, so that we can focus on growing the business instead of keeping it afloat.

Tech Stack

Our ideal client has a standard tech stack that is easy to work with (or is willing to switch to one!).

Vendor Relationships

Our ideal client connects us with their other vendors as necessary to maximize communication and efficiency.