Designer Skills Test

Designer Skills Test

To show us that you are serious about this job offer, we would like you to show off your skills.

Here’s what we want you to do:

Read the entire task before beginning. Using the provided sample client info you’ll create 2 or 3 variations of a logo and 1 solid landing page. These designs will either be Feminine or Masculine in style, and for extra credit, design both styles.

Process for LOGO design and submission:

The logos will consist of:

  • Company Name and Tagline (This information can be found below in the Company Bio section)
  • It will be a one color logo (Which is black, white AND one color)
  • Graphics or Icons can be used within the logo as well

Step 1:

  • Hand Draw a page or two of concept logos

Step 2:

  • From your concepts, pick out 1 version to polish up and make a final logo.

Once you’re happy with the results, place your logos and concepts in one document and submit them as a jpeg.

Process for LANDING PAGE design and submission:

Page will consist of:

Above the fold:

  • Logo (use one you created)
  • Headline and Subheadline
  • Video place holder for welcome video
  • Call to action opt in section with:
  • First name Input box
  • Email Input box
  • CTA Button (submit button)

Rest of the page:

  • Body Copy
  • Second Opt in Section
  • Credibility Statements
  • Footer

Once page is completed to your liking, submit the entire page as a jpeg.

Client Bio Information:

Company Name: Just Relax Yoga Club

Name: Bill Yogi (for Masculine Design) OR Eva Yogi (for Feminine Design)

Client Bio: Bill and Eva Yogi have spent nearly his/her entire adult life learning yoga and everything that goes along with it. He/She is a trained yogi, and they want to share their knowledge with those that are just beginning their journey.This site is for beginners to come in and learn about the instructors and their courses.

Landing page content:

Headline: Become the Ultimate you

Sub Headline: Strong Mind, Body and Soul

Opt in Content:

Opt in Purpose: The purpose of the opt in is to gather email addresses by offering a free training course. The course will be a couple of online videos.

Opt in Headline: Find your Zen

Opt in Sub Headline: Learn how to have a productive and stress free workday with our 2 part training series

** Optional: Create eBook image with this information + the logo you created + a background image.

Page Content:

We are proud to be a local yoga studio. We are not a big corporation, but real people committed to help our communities thrive. When you practice with us you are supporting your neighbors and friends. As a company we are committed to offering the best yoga for the best value, while maintaining quality of our teaching staff. We hope you join us. Just Relax Yoga Club is not just a studio offering you great yoga classes. If you want to take your practice and your life to new horizons, Just Relax Yoga Club’s self-enrichment programs are designed for those looking to learn beyond the confines of a 6×2 yoga mat. We offer a variety of trainings and programs to help you learn more about yoga, meditation and yourself. Check out our yoga teacher trainings, Health Yoga Life Coach trainings, retreats, 1:1 coaching and more.

Social media section:


Sub Headline: We always do fun contests, promos, and inspirational posts! Join the conversation. Follow us!

Use icons for this section from the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Credibility Statements:


Footer should contain Client Logo, and the following navigation items:

  • Support
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service

** Remember: All landing page designs should be submitted/uploaded as a single jpeg.


Here are some images to use in your designs, feel free to use anything else that will help you create a design that you’re proud of:

Extra Credit:

Repeat the Process but Switch Styles…

  • If you created Masculine designs using Bill Yogi, switch gears and create new logos and a landing page using the Feminine Eva Yogi Style. Use the same copy from above, just change your style to create logos and landing page that speaks to a female audience. Or the other way around… if you created a Eva Yogi (Feminine Style), switch gears and create a Bill Yogi (Masculine Style). Here at Vision Tech Team we need designers that are versed at both Masculine and Feminine Design, so anyone that shows they can do both will be sent to the front of the line.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.

Core Values

Vision Tech Team is dedicated to the following Core Values:

Curious to learn more about our values and vision? download our 3-year Vivid Vision PDF.

Vision First – Begin with the end in mind. We are being proactive about everything we do, from education to prioritizing our days, weeks, months, years etc. We are anticipating needs way before they become an emergency.

Intentional, Authentic Communication – We plan our communication with others so that we can be very intentional about the content being delivered. We embrace crucial conversations rather than avoid them. We speak authentically, which means that we don’t avoid the truth, we embrace it.

Synergy – We work as a team not only with our team members but with our clients as well. We need to make sure everybody on this team is a value-add to others. We also need to make sure that we are holding each other up to our standards, no matter how hard it is.

Inventive – Every member of the team is part of the “Creative” department. Coming up with creative solutions is our job. We don’t just think of linear options for problems, but we think outside the box to solve problems creatively. We are not lazy, we put time and attention into each problem.

Own It – Every team member feels that ALL ISSUES in the company are THEIR issues. If you see something, say something. We need to own our crucial conversations and every team member needs to have the courage to manage up. Our team members don’t see themselves as victims. They can only solve problems that they are personally accountable for.

Never Stop Growing – Every person on the team has a personal goal of not only getting better at their job but getting better at life. The team members understand that only doing on-the-job training doesn’t cut it here. They are constantly improving their habits and environment to exponentially improve their lives.

Selfless Service – Everyone on the team understands that they can’t help others unless they help themselves first. They need to take care of their health, their mental wellness, and their spiritual wellness in order to fully show up to work. They prioritize themselves before work and prove it by being able to show up fully each day. They proactively take wellness days to recharge.