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Core Values

Vision Tech Team is dedicated to the following Core Values:

Curious to learn more about our values and vision? download our 3-year Vivid Vision PDF.

Vision First – Begin with the end in mind. We are being proactive about everything we do, from education to prioritizing our days, weeks, months, years etc. We are anticipating needs way before they become an emergency.

Intentional, Authentic Communication – We plan our communication with others so that we can be very intentional about the content being delivered. We embrace crucial conversations rather than avoid them. We speak authentically, which means that we don’t avoid the truth, we embrace it.

Synergy – We work as a team not only with our team members but with our clients as well. We need to make sure everybody on this team is a value-add to others. We also need to make sure that we are holding each other up to our standards, no matter how hard it is.

Inventive – Every member of the team is part of the “Creative” department. Coming up with creative solutions is our job. We don’t just think of linear options for problems, but we think outside the box to solve problems creatively. We are not lazy, we put time and attention into each problem.

Own It – Every team member feels that ALL ISSUES in the company are THEIR issues. If you see something, say something. We need to own our crucial conversations and every team member needs to have the courage to manage up. Our team members don’t see themselves as victims. They can only solve problems that they are personally accountable for.

Never Stop Growing – Every person on the team has a personal goal of not only getting better at their job but getting better at life. The team members understand that only doing on-the-job training doesn’t cut it here. They are constantly improving their habits and environment to exponentially improve their lives.

Selfless Service – Everyone on the team understands that they can’t help others unless they help themselves first. They need to take care of their health, their mental wellness, and their spiritual wellness in order to fully show up to work. They prioritize themselves before work and prove it by being able to show up fully each day. They proactively take wellness days to recharge.