We are a fast growing, creative technology team that offers premium design and development solutions with marketing expertise for growing companies.

We are a bunch of jokesters with a mix of tech-savvy, creative, marketing experts from different areas.

We love to amplify each team member’s strengths as well as giving them the proper tools to always learn more and grow as individuals.

From high level client relationships, to countless online education courses, to occasionally attending seminars, to personal mentorship, we want you to grow just as much as we want the company to grow!

Our office is currently located in Chandler, AZ. We prefer you are available to work 8am 4pm PST, but this can be a somewhat flexible schedule.

If you like to sleep in and work late sometimes, that’s fine so long as clients are taken care of, meetings are attended, and the work is done.

Need a few hours or a day off? Want to travel and work while away? No problem! So long as you are succeeding in your position and our clients are happy.

You will be required to work in the office full time for the first few months during training.

Among other events and perks, we do annual retreats with our team.
Check out the most recent one below

Vision Tech Team is dedicated to the following Core Values:

  • V

    Vision First: Be Proactive And Begin With The End In Mind

  • I

    Integrity And Honesty In All Communications

  • S

    Synergy: 1+1 = 3+

  • I

    Inventive: Seeking Creative Solutions And Never Settling For “Stuck”

  • O

    Own It! We Are Responsible, Reliable & Fulfill On Our Promises

  • N

    Never Stop Growing: A Commitment To Personal And Business Growth

Curious to learn more about our values and vision?download our 2020 Vivid Vision PDF.