Please place the tasks listed below in the order in which you would work them. Please also provide your justification for why you ordered the tasks the way you did. You have 15 minutes to complete this exercise.


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  • Media Buyers have just informed you that a live landing page for one of your clients appears to be down.
  • Client has requested an update on a project deliverable that is not due for 2 weeks.
  • You have a meeting with a client this afternoon and have not yet created an agenda.
  • Retainer updates need to be sent to clients by EOD Friday and you are behind on logging your time.
  • You have received a new task request from a client that they want completed ASAP.
  • Your boss needs you to research new communication tools for use with your internal team. 
  • A page you sent to development was completed last night but requires your review and testing before it can be delivered to your client who wants to launch it next week.
  • You receive an email from a vendor who would like to schedule a product demo for a new solution you have been vetting for a client. This is a priority for next quarter.