Finally… A tech team who speaks your language

Meet the web team that truly gets it when it comes to beautiful conversion oriented design, seamless technology with no limits, and the direct response marketing knowledge to make it all click!

Ever wish you could just hand off tech to someone you can TRUST completely, so you can focus on the things that you’re actually good at: creating the vision, coming up with new marketing ideas and creating better products?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to creating beautiful conversion oriented design, implementing technology that works (without limitations or excuses), and understanding the language AND implementation of direct response marketing to make it all click – we’re the best in the industry, hands down.

Here’s Why You Want To Work With Us


We Get Marketing

When you work with us you wont have to explain your marketing idea in detail. You wont have to repeat yourself again and again. You won’t have to worry that we won’t understand how you want your marketing to roll out.

That’s because we’re NOT just coders for hire. We’re marketers who know how to design and code.

We’ve helped industry experts put together entire marketing funnels from scratch, setup winning ad campaigns for some of the top marketers, set up complete membership sites, and even orchestrated entire product launches that went on to do millions of dollars in sales in days.

Point is this: When you work with us, you’re not getting just getting a tech team of wizards with code and a design team who are creative rockstars – you’re getting a team who understands how to promote and sell products online, who knows all the current marketing lingo and terminology, and who has the capacity to combine marketing and technology to build your vision the way YOU want.

Dedicated Project Manager

When you partner with us, you get to simplify your communication. Instead of trying to manage multiple vendors, employees, and contractors from all over, you have ONE primary point of contact with our team: Your dedicated project manager.

This is someone who understands all the core pieces of the workflow from marketing to tech to operations and is able to effectively drive your projects forward.

Have a request or new idea you want to implement? Contact your PM and he’ll make sure it gets done. Want to schedule a consulting call with an expert? Email your PM and he’ll schedule the call. Need an update on your project? You get the point.



Reliable To The Bone

We’re 100% committed to our partners and we show up for our clients day in and day out. That’s why some of the biggest names in the industry continue to choose us as their tech team and send referrals our way. When you partner with us, you can be sure you have a team you can count on, who you can trust, and who’s there when you need them – especially when it matters most.

No Job Is Too Complex For Us

We’re highly experienced with all the most popular systems, CRM’s, and languages out today as well as some of the more obscure ones you haven’t heard about. Every week clients approach us with new technology and custom ideas that push our abilities and keep us on the cutting edge. Whatever idea, no matter the complexity, well make it happen. There are no limits (or excuses) here at Vision Tech.



Leverage Our Experience And The Experience Of ALL Our Clients

We’re in the trenches with our clients day in and day out, building out their campaigns, orchestrating their launches, and testing their promotions – seeing what works and what DOESN’T work – in almost every profitable niche at this point.

When you partner with us, you’re instantly tapping into our years experience (and in a way ALL our clients’ experience) to grow your business.

Lightening Fast Response Times

With our flagship “Partner” package, you’ll get a dedicated project manager to handle all requests and workflow. You can expect lightning fast response times for your requests, questions, and concerns.



You’re Working With A TEAM Who Has Been Together For Years

We’re a tight knit team whose worked with each other for years. This means that you won’t have to deal with any of the communication and management headaches from a team you build from scratch OR from a scattered group of of independent contractors and vendors.

Simple Straightforward Pricing

You want to feel in control of your business, and part of that means how much money is going out and coming in on a monthly basis. We make that easy for you with straightforward flat rate retainer packages to fit your needs. See Package Pricing Below.



Super Fast Turnaround

We’ve developed highly streamlined workflows and project management systems that guarantee we turn around project fast and on schedule – all the while making sure all production is of the highest quality and mistakes free.

A Self Contained Unit

Picture us as a self contained unit of experts that seamlessly ‘plugs’ into your company to do the heavy lifting. We’ll work closely side by side, but you’ll never have to worry about managing or understanding the technical details that happens on the backend. We’ll make sure everything gets done fast and efficiently as our own standalone unit.




How To Work With Us

We do not work with everyone. In fact we’re very selective in who we decide to work with and require all new prospective clients to undergo a detailed application process.

We don’t do this to sit pretty on some ‘high horse’. We do this so we can guarantee we provide the best quality service possible to each and every partner client we work with.

What you need to work with us:


Our Flagship ‘Partner’ Package

We offer one primary package to our new clients – The Partner Package.

With this package, you are bringing us on as the complete tech arm for your business. Well essentially become your CTO (with staff) for your business and you never have to worry about the inner workings of your tech needs again.

When you sign up as one of our partners, you will immediately be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will act as the liaison between you and our entire team.

He’ll be responsible for actively communicating with you, receiving your requests and then managing our entire team to make sure your tasks get completed on time.

With this dedicated PM, you no longer have to manage everything on your own. You no longer have to communicate back and forth with different vendors.

Simply go to this single source, explain what you want in simple english and he’ll make sure everything gets done on the backend – hands free.



Our FlagWith our Partner Package, you get up to
$6000 in hours.ship ‘Partner’ Package

For Development/ Design


For Project Management/
Custom Tech Integration


For Marketing and Tech Consulting

You are free to use your hours for whatever you need and we’ll be working side by side with you to make sure you
use the best technology for your business.
Want more? Apply for our Virtual CTO Package where we come on board with more strategy and more than twice the hours (at a 25% discount instead).

This is for companies growing quickly or new ones with significant technology and creative design needs.


Frequently Answered Questions

Yes. Although we work primarily with our partners, we do occasionally open up the opportunity to work with us on one off projects on an hourly basis. These one off projects typically start at a $15,000 minimum, billed at the regular rates listed below:
Development/ Design $50/hour
Project Manager $150/hour
Consulting High Level Integration $300/hour

Yes, we do offer other packages with more hours and bigger discounts (on hours). Contact us for details.

No, hours do not roll over from one month to the next, but we’ve found that almost all our partners use all their hours within a given month if not more. That’s because we primarily work with companies are looking to grow aggressively and as a partner who cares about your success, we are very proactive to make sure you move fast and use your hours to the fullest.

If you don’t have a lot of requests in a given month, well find a proactive way to leverage the budget to improve your web assets or business.

No. You are not profit sharing or splitting revenues with us in any way unless otherwise discussed. When we say ‘partners’ we mean that when we plug into your business, we’ll see you as a partner in our own business and proactively try to grow your business every step of the way. So to make it very clear: You will only be charged your set retainer fee and any overtime hours you accumulate.

Ready to create the vision YOU want?