James Guldan

Top 10 Things To Know About Marketing Automation In Your Company If You’re Under $1 Million Per Year.

If you are over 1 million per year I have some mindset tips if you click here.

For all of those that fall under the $1m per year revenue mark or if you generally are still testing out your product and don’t have a solid sales funnel working yet.

Here are the best ways to get up and running quickly. The tips/software below will help you automate your marketing and give you some much needed time and money back.

  1. Clickfunnels (or some other platform) is king.
    • Unless you have a super specific technology need, ClickFunnels will get you about 99% of the way for most of the stuff you will be launching or promoting if under the $1 million per year revenue mark.
    • You can build whole sites, membership funnels, upsells, downsells, it has it’s own CRM. Basically, the thing is bombproof. It also has alot of page templates, it is a SUPER BIG help when just starting out.
    • https://www.clickfunnels.com
  2. Call scheduling apps.
    • Please don’t do go back and forth with email to get a call scheduled. My favorite app that works with zapier (You can connect it to everything) is scheduleonce. You can high five me later.
  3. K.I.S.S
    • The first two were software, this is more of a mindset shift. If you have a very complicated solution to something, most likely you’re doing it wrong. Try to simplify everything as much as possible when it comes to marketing technology. Here is the issue, the more software or scripts you try to connect, the higher the chance one of them is going to update/break/go down, and now your whole system is down or parts of it are down. Use the most simple setup ALWAYS, it will save you a headache in the long run.
  4. Do an audit of your technology to make sure you have redundancies if you rely too heavily on something.
    • “We make plans and god laughs”. This is real folks. Something is going to go wrong in tech. It ALWAYS does. So be ready. If you are selling a product online and only have ONE merchant account, you are setting yourself up for failure. What I typically do when we do a technology audit of a client is I take a look at all of the tech and see if anything they have IF IT WENT DOWN would lose a significant amount of money. Things like, merchant accounts, sales pages, fulfillment devices, these need redundancies or at least an infrastructure that has redundancies. On ALL sales sites, we use cloudflare, this keeps up the site if the server goes down. We also have several merchant accounts for each client in case one goes down or is having issues, we can swap it out.
  5. Evergreen launches OVER affiliate or product launches.
    • An affiliate launch is when you get a bunch of people together to help you pitch your product to their email/social media list. This typically works if you can find some influencers in your market. However, unless you have an end goal of getting out of this type of marketing and sales for your product, it is incredibly stressful and doesn’t create consistent income.
    • The end goal of any business model is to become more sustainable. Affiliate launches are great for buzz, but require a dancing bear model if not properly configured for an end goal of evergreen sales.
    • The evergreen sales model relies on cold traffic or organic traffic that you have a sales funnel setup to convert to sales. This is a lot slower business model than an affiliate launch, but ultimately creates more sales consistency, and makes your company more stable if you’re intending to sell it one day.
  6. Zapier
    • It’s 2018, you can automate almost anything. If your looking for some simple connections with softwares that you have, look no further than Zapier. It has TONS of software connections and doesn’t require a programmer to setup.
  7. Software for automating deal flow
    • If you have deal flow and need to keep track there are systems built for this. Pipedrive is one of those that we have time tested and works very well. Don’t try to manually keep track of deal flow, never works.
  8. Infusionsoft
    • Using a specific marketing automation software can help a ton. We are most used to infusionsoft at Vision Tech Team, but there are tons of them out there. Leveraging a platform gains a significant advantage rather than connecting a ton of softwares. It isn’t the best at everything, but gets the job done for most. PRO TIP: this can be used with a tool like clickfunnels in order to really provide a high level of marketing automation.
  9. Reporting
    • Most companies don’t have clean data, so most/all of their reporting is inaccurate at best. Getting clean data really helps with making business decisions and overall marketing decisions especially as you scale.
  10. Set yourself up for scalability from the start.
    • Try to standardize or automate everything in your business. The less amount of employees/contractors needed for a business model to make sense the more valuable the company is. If you can’t standardize your processess, you are basically running a different buisness every day. Try to go deep with your products or services instead of wide.