You want to 10x your profit, not your team.

We Design, Build, and Improve Scalable Automated
Marketing Funnels For 7-8 Figure Online Businesses.

We Have Been Involved In Over $100,000,000+ Worth Of Sales Through Our Automated Marketing Funnels.

Companies we have worked with:

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“We are a happy customer of Vision Tech Team. Before them, we did a lot of web development internally. We were stretching our internal team thin. We wanted to work with a group of people that could scale and really know launches.”

Matt Clark


You don’t want to 10x your team, you want to 10x your Profit!

We Typically Create Funnels to:

  • Do market research on your best buyer behavior in order to optimize your ads.
  • Position all of your products to improve lifetime value and reduce advertising costs.
  • Do emotional trigger research on how to best create action for your customers to improve buyer behavior.
  • Optimize and track different traffic channels to improve cash flow with different traffic.
  • Test different products to see what the best positioning products are at different stages of buyer behavior.
  • Improve customer journey and actually engage with your customers for products when they need them throughout their lifecycle with you.
  • Improve your abandoned cart sequences to capture customers who have not had all their objections handled in order to optimize your ad spend.
  • Handle cancels/refunds in order to try to recover customers who just need some extra attention.

Is It Really Worth It For You To Be Managing Your Funnel Team?

You don’t want to 10x your team, you want to 10x your PROFIT!

Just to get started, you’d need to hire a developer and a designer.

This doesn’t even include hiring a part-time professional to optimize your sales funnels. You’ll need someone under the hood of your CRM to make all those little connections for your sales communication to work flawlessly

And, if you don’t want to manage these people directly, you’ll also need to add a project manager to your payroll.

These estimates are based on average salaries, which means you’ll have a basic team with limited experience.

Of course, you could manage these resources directly or build a team for less by searching for talent overseas, but then you’d be spending something even more valuable than money – your TIME!

Why deal with the headache of having to hire and manage a massive team when you don’t have to?

Focus your time on the creation of your marketing strategy
and big-picture success planning for your company.

Save time AND money by letting us design your marketing funnels.
We have done this with hundreds of clients, in many different industries.

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“Vision Tech Team has done an incredible job managing all my successful launches and site builds for the last four years.”

Mike Dillard


Vision Tech Team is set up to work directly with your marketing strategy team. We organize weekly check-in calls and quarterly meetings to ensure we stay connected, aligned on your vision and on track to meet deadlines. With Vision Tech Team handling your marketing implementation, you’re free to focus on growing your business.

Who We Work Best With?

Information Product Companies – We have worked with some of the biggest information product companies in the world. We understand most Marketing Automation platforms. We have also setup some of the most advanced membership sites in the world. We are a good fit if your doing over $1.5 million. We can help you get setup for scale and we need to make sure that you have a profitable buisness in order to really provide the value.

Ecommerce Companies: If you use shopify then we are a great fit. We are mainly a good fit if your doing over $5 million. We can help scale after you have been able to get the company profitable.

Our Clients

Who We Have Worked With

Vision Tech Team has worked with some of the top 1% of online businesses  in the world. We’ve fine-tuned our services with experience and built an industry-leading direct marketing design and development team.


What You Get

Work with a highly trained team who understands your needs.

We perform Kolbe personality tests during onboarding to match you with a project manager who best suits your vision and communication style.

We invest $100k+ training per team member so that they’re able to get clear on your needs and set proper expectations.

We’ve invested heavily in educating our design and development teams and in creating standards and processes for how they work to get things right the first time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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“ We’ve been using Vision Tech Team for over three years. They’ve been great: they show up, they’re organized, they get it DONE. ”

Pedram Shojai


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“I am absolutely freaking in love with my new website. This guys are the best in the world.”

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi


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“ I really enjoy Vision Tech Team’s systems and expertise. I highly recommend them! ”

Dr. Krysti Wick


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“ I love their expertise, I get to work in my unique skillset and concentrate on content and they concentrate on getting everything to work ”

Matt Choi


They did a great job on my recent launch, fixed a bunch of my technology inefficiencies, and have been super proactive in anticipating my needs so I can focus on product creation and writing good copy. I get a great ROI from working with Vision Tech Team and recommend them to anyone who needs a top notch design and tech team.

“Every time I want to launch a new product, change my tech platform, or build a whole new company, they rock it with professional service, great design, and a quick turnaround. For a tech company, they really “get it” when it comes to direct response marketing, so we can speak the same language. I highly recommend them for online entrepreneurs.”

“ They also really get internet marketing, so have helped out with our most successful launches, and have improved our customer experience with great membership sites. They’re the perfect mix of creative design, technology development, and marketing expertise all in one team.”

“It’s rare to see an organization that is good from top to bottom. I’ve worked with tech teams before and often what they are is either an architect, where they design a house, or they’re a builder, where they’ll take your architecture plans and put them into action. What’s really unique about Vision Tech Team is that they are both the Architect and the builder. Meaning they provide architecture and design services all the way through execution. So you start at the 30,000 feet and they flawlessly land the plane. Having that design/build house prevents miscommunication and has simplified my life as an entrepreneur. It would be really difficult to consider having an in-house team again after working with Vision Tech Team.”

“You get the whole package here with a tech team I can rely on that really ‘gets it’.”

“ From the outset, they have worked hand in hand with us to craft a unique vision of our company’s public face, bringing superb expertise on today’s technology, tools, processes and advancements that allow us to deliver not only our goods, but our promises to our customers. The team is accessible, responsive and most of all, a delight to work with.”


Co-Owner, Double Your Dating

“ It’s clear that our project manager and the whole team really cares about our success. I’m impressed with their attention to detail, fast turnaround time, and tech and marketing expertise.”


Our Packages Start at $5k per Month

Working with Us

Carefully Considered Partnerships

Because most of our clients stay with us a very long time, we’re typically only able to take on one or two new clients per quarter. This gives us the opportunity to make sure we’re in close alignment with our clients and will be able to deliver the most impact for their business as possible.

The Companies we’re best suited for:


Have someone besides the owner who is in charge of marketing

Typically, the owner of the company is only needed at quarterly meetings to provide direction. It’s helpful to have someone they can delegate to who understands strategy, manages various vender relationships (copywriter, SEO, videographers, etc.) and can attend weekly check-ins.

Use Infusionsoft or Active Campaign

We’re certified for both and have a scalable implementation team. Although we do have a lot of experience in other marketing automation systems,  we have the most experience in these two.



Have revenue of over $1 Million per year per product

Otherwise our value is not optimized. We are incredibly good at helping coming up with a plan to scale your company and then implement on that plan but it works best on companies that have a proven product.

Are able to stay in their own unique strength and help us do ours



Use Shopify

If you are an ecommerce company and you use something other than Shopify, we most likley won’t be the best fit. All of our processes are built for Shopify or Shopify Plus.

WE Guarantee:

Brand Promise

We Guarantee

Vision Tech Team handles your Marketing Implementation needs with expertise and efficiency, freeing you up to focus on more important things.


You have less time spent worrying about tech/marketing implementation, more time for your customers, product creation and big-picture success planning.


You have weekly check-in calls and quarterly calls to ensure everyone is on the same page, increase communication, and promote proactivity.


You get a response to every request within at least 24 business hours, which means you can execute quickly.


You get a flexible month to month commitment. Cancel anytime.