Case Study

Who is Mike Dillard:

Mike has created and built 3 companies in 3 different industries up to 8 figures. Combined, he has done more than $60,000,000.00. He is one of the best direct response copywriters and has an amazing mastermind platform called

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“Vision Tech Team has done an incredible job managing all my successful launches and site builds for the last four years.”

Mike Dillard

Why they came to us:

Major Problems:

YEARS ago, Mike came to us specifically for help connecting the marketing technology for his various businesses. These were the days before Zapier was around and manual APIs had to be connected.

He also needed a team that could build high-end funnels quickly. At his peak, Mike was launching quite a few things all at once and we were able to deliver efficiently and effectively .

However, he more recently leveraged our team to come up with non-enterprise level technology solutions. Most of the high-end development companies just want businesses to go enterprise, but it rarely makes the business owner happy.


Over the years, connecting software has become much easier. However, the problem still exists when businesses decide to go enterprise. Some of the Salesforce installs can cost over a million dollars to implement and have $50,000+ per month in backend costs. This can massively change your business model and profit margin, even to the point of bankruptcy.

We pride ourselves on finding solutions that actually fit a customer’s needs instead of just custom-coding everything. For almost any business challenge, there is likely a pre-built solution that will address about 90% of that challenge and we can build on a custom component to get you as close to 100% as possible to meeting your goal.

Mike has been our guinea pig for new software for a very long time. He is open to trying any tech stack as long as it is beneficial to his bottom line.

Every software has its issues, but we have successfully implemented Kartra, Clickfunnels, custom HTML/css, WordPress, etc. Each of them has their benefits and flaws.

Tech Specs: (What technology was used for this project)

Server: WP Engine – Mike uses WordPress and this is the best for WordPress (Shameless affiliate link:

Pages built on: Kartra, Clickfunnels, custom HTML/css, WordPress

CRM: Mailchimp

Marketing Automation: Kartra, Infusionsoft(not anymore), Everwebinar, Clickfunnels, and many more.

Payment Processor: Authorize/Paypal/Stripe – really depended on what was launching and the billing model needed.